Why we do...

ONLYDENIM has grown from a long passionate commitment to helping to reduce the waste we dump in our planet. Our team have developed eco-friendly products from Organic Pregnancy and Baby Skincare, Organic Haircare to up-cycled Vintage Lingerie. Each time with passion and commitment to producing things that don’t leave a negative legacy for our children. Everything is made in the UK.


Juliette Stuart: Founder. Owner. Passionate Up-Cycler: OnlyDenim

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We would love to hear from you, so please contact us to discuss any of our products, our bespoke or upholstery service.

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If you have a specific requirement, idea, some old jeans that you would like us to turn into something special for your home! - please use the contact form to tell us more.

Name: Juliette Stuart
Phone: 07944 281047